Cosmetics and banking are primed to perform well over the course of the first calendar quarter. In addition, ETN is set to expire this week for a beautiful 31.6% profit. Read More

Three more rolls to end January expiration. I'll add new covered calls to MPC and PBR at a later date. Eleven positions are set to expire today for a variety of profits: DXCM (71.4%), TER (44.9%), ADBE (42.9%), DHR (42.9%), A (35.1%), BMRN (33.3%), ABT (31.6%), AVGO (30.7%), KSS (28.2%), SBUX (6.4%), and CVS (4.0%) Read More

Five rolls, including four new iron condors, generate the additional credits we need to turn profitable on many of these positions, but at additional risk. A second trade alert will be issued later today to clean up the remaining January positions. Read More

Even with today's market downdraft caused by foreign events, two domestic-oriented positions have risen too much and rolls are required. Read More