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It’s the holy grail of income investing: the stock that gives you big, steady gains and high, stable dividends.

These are just the types of stocks that Ari Charney and Investing Daily’s Utility Forecaster—one of America’s top utility and income-investment services—uncovers regularly.

Ari CharneyAri Charney
Chief Investment Strategist, Utility & Income
Here’s just a small sample of the income investing advice you get in Utility & Income:
  • David’s detailed forecasts of what’s to come in the markets—and how you should react
  • How to identify the stocks that will give you bond-like safety with bond-beating returns
  • Easy ways to cut your investment costs and put more money in your pocket—not your broker’s
  • How to spot the stocks that are in the perfect position to capitalize on big, new trends in society
  • How new laws and regulations affect the utility sector, and what they mean for your portfolio

In fact, since 1990, the Utility Forecaster income investing picks have racked up gains of 13.3% annually. And they’ve done it all by focusing squarely on capital preservation and minimizing risk.

Chief Strategist Ari Charney doesn’t just pick these stocks from a list of well-established companies; he goes deeper and does a thorough analysis of each company’s business and market position before he’s ready to make a recommendation.

In Utility & Income, Ari shares with you the techniques he uses to spot these winning stocks. You’ll also learn, step-by-step, how to invest with greater confidence and build a portfolio that will give you steady income and big gains—all while lowering your risk. You get it all emailed to you every week—FREE—in Utility & Income.

The coming years will produce some profitable opportunities for income investors, but the best ones will be hard to spot, and many will almost certainly be too good to be true.

To help you make sense of it all and earn higher profits with greater safety, you’ll want the advice and in-depth analysis of Ari Charney’s Utility & Income e-letter.

We are certain the advice you get in Utility & Income will help you spot the best opportunities in utility and income investing. And it’s easy to start profiting from it right away.

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