VIDEO: 2023 Performance Review of Options for Income

I launched Options for Income (OFI) in 2011 because it is based on a trading system that I personally honed and used over several years to methodically create a fortune for myself. And I wanted to help others create life-changing wealth for themselves as well.

But I couldn’t have helped so many people without the reach of Investing Daily and my publisher, Phil Ash.

That’s why I’m excited to share with you today how Phil has successfully used OFI this past year to achieve a roughly 50% annual return. This is just one “regular investor’s” performance, not our official returns. The following video tells the story:

OFI Returns

Note that due to his personal time constraints (he is a publisher after all!) and various other situational complexities, Phil does not track the official returns of the entire OFI portfolio, simply the returns of those individual trades he chose to enter.

My subscribers can find the rate of return of every closed trade recommendation since the inception of the OFI service on my Closed Trades page. The 90%-plus win rate on all closed trades may seem astonishing, but the facts don’t lie. My system works…through bull and bear markets!

Despite Phil not officially tracking the OFI portfolio, the fact remains that most users of my OFI system should get between 25-40% annual returns on average once they’re fully invested. But the first year can sometimes involve a little treading of water, particularly in a down market.

Phil and my thousands of other subscribers were fortunate to use my system in 2023 when the S&P 500 was up more than 24%. As Phil shows you in his video analysis, he essentially doubled that return. And he was able to do so with minimal capital.

Total Investment Needed

As Phil notes in his video, he was able to invest in most of my recommended trades while only needing $375 of capital per trade and a total investment of just $12,000. That’s great, but that’s not always the case. I recommend that my subscribers make available a bit more capital to be safe. In fact, he did have an extra $8,000 available if he needed to tap it.

OFI is a conservative advisory service, and keeping your money safe is my top priority. That said, the irony of a “conservative” service producing upwards of 50% annual returns is not lost on me!

Helpful Reminders

Phil highlights a few important lessons, and I want to emphasize those in case you decide to put my OFI system to work for you:

  • Sell Just ONE Contract.

Start by trading just one option contract per trade until you have a full understanding of the process and you have enough capital available to support more contracts per position. Phil seems to have done an exemplary job of trading just one contract to build up a war chest and has now been able to increase his position size to two contracts.

  • DON’T Make EVERY Trade.

Yes, I’d love for you to get into every trade. But sometimes life or available capital gets in the way of making a trade. And sometimes investors don’t get into a trade because the order price just runs away from them. That’s okay! I give you more than 52 trades per year and you shouldn’t worry about missing a few.

The worst thing you can do is chase a trade, so follow my limit prices and order entry guidance religiously. The “other” worst thing you can do is overextend your capital and get into more trades than you can afford. Only get into as many trades as your investment budget allows. Once you start amassing profits, you can make more trades.

  • DO the Rolls.

My OFI system produces winning trades approximately 65% to 70% of the time on the first trade. That means that we need to “roll” the trade 30% to 35% of the time. Some people hate the thought of rolling options spreads.

They think it’s like doubling-down on a loser. But how many of them have no problem picking up more shares of a stock when the price dips? Rolling a spread is no different. If you still believe in the underlying thesis of the trade, stick with it and you WILL win in the end. I promise, and my 90%-plus OFI win rate proves my point.

  • It’s OKAY To Get Assigned Early.

If this has never happened to you before, I guarantee it will eventually. It’s a minor annoyance that happens to all of us occasionally, and I give my subscribers a full explanation of how to easily deal with early assignments.

  • Take Our Free Training Course.

Whether you’re brand new to trading options spreads or just want to learn the specifics of the OFI system, my OFI service includes a free six-session online training course.

We’ll walk you through the OFI system and answer all your questions during the sessions and for months afterwards on our discussion board.

I hope Phil’s experience is helpful. Everyone using the OFI system should be getting 25% to 40% average annual returns.

Start multiplying your money with Options for Income now!