Elliott H. Gue

Analyst Articles

Many moving parts influence oil prices, including the outlook for US inflation, expectations for China’s economic growth and conditions in European credit markets. Accordingly, forecasting oil prices is an exercise in probability, not an exact science. In the first issue of 2012, we called for oil to retest its 2011 high and average between $100 and $110 per barrel on the year. Our full-year outlook hasn’t changed. Read More

Crude oil prices appear close to a bottom. Although a selloff in equities markets could lead to further downside for oil prices, Brent crude oil should find support at the mid- to high $80s per barrel and WTI should find support in the mid- to high $70s per barrel. We still expect Brent crude oil to eclipse $110 per barrel and WTI to recover to $100 per barrel by year-end. Read More

With fears of slowing global economic growth weighing on oil prices and rising US inventories pressuring the value of certain natural gas liquids, investors have expressed concern that units of upstream and even midstream master limited partnerships could be poised for a pullback. In this issue, we review our Portfolio holdings' exposure to fluctuations in commodity prices and the extent to which further weakness would damage their growth stories. Read More

This Aggressive Portfolio holding announced another billion-dollar acquisition that will be immediately accretive to cash flow and unveiled an innovative new way to raise capital. Read More