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Despite the recent spike in oil prices, the majority of Canadian oil and gas producers remain under pressure. But focusing on healthy businesses has kept investors afloat during the flood of sector turmoil. Read More

Trusts are being valued at far lower levels than equivalent corporations. But once they convert in 2011, those discounts should disappear, creating a windfall for investors. Read More

Canada is better positioned against a recession than many economies, as noted by its banks. But it still faces three big challenges: US trade dependency, the value of the Canadian dollar and the credit crunch. Read More

There's been numerous trust deals of late in this turbulent market that have handsomely rewarded shareholders. And 2008 is sure to see more deal making. Read More

US economic weakness if affecting certain sectors in Canada. But because Canada's resource exports aren't entirely dependent upon the US market, its economy is still running strong. Read More

Several Canadian income trusts have soured in 2007. But not all dividend cutters have lost ground, as many trusts passed this year's stress test.   Read More

Since November 2006, there have been three dozen buyouts of Canadian trusts. Although none of the deals offered large premiums on the target, acquirers will do just fine because they add reserves and production at a discount. Read More

Few American investors have ever considered buying them. And that’s a real shame, considering Canadian real estate investment trusts (REITs) are the top performing Canadian income trust group during the past year. Read More