Stock Market Investing

Today’s article examines the differences between forex and stocks. The primary function for stocks is to invest in the future of companies that you believe are going to grow over time. “Investing” implies long-term commitment to a company and its vision, in the hope that the money you put into… Read More

This article examines the differences between gold vs. stocks. If you own stock in a company, then you own a tiny part of that company. The ownership of a company may be split into hundreds of million of little pieces, or shares. When you own some of those shares, you… Read More

Today’s article examines the differences between options and stocks. When you own a share of stock, you own a portion of a company. You can trade those shares of stock, by buying or selling them at any time, and it means you are buying or selling portions of the company. Read More

need to address a dangerous type of security, and will do so in today’s article, which examines the differences between penny stocks vs forex. Both, however, are not investments – they are for speculators only. Penny stocks are one of the most dangerous securities in the stock market. That’s… Read More

Motown has risen from the dead. Detroit’s famous “Big Three” automobile brands—Ford (NYSE: F), General Motors (NYSE: GM), and Chrysler, now owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (NYSE: FCAU)—are incorporating leading-edge technologies, embracing Silicon Valley’s spirit of risk-taking, and breaking new ground in autonomous and electric vehicles (EVs). But it’s not… Read More