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The World Series for stocks comes four times a year because there are four earnings seasons. And the fourth-quarter earnings season carries a bit more weight than quarters one through three as that is when most companies provide their outlook for the coming year. Because stocks are mainly valued on… Read More

Navigating the market these days feels like walking a tightrope. One day the market is ebullient because wages are rising and productivity is improving, and the next it’s sinking into the doldrums. Retailers, buried after reporting dismal holiday sales and earnings, soar 24 hours later on take-over scuttlebutt. Drug stocks,… Read More

Last month, I spoke about introducing more features to Profit Catalyst Alert to help subscribers make more money from my research. We had our first option trade with a put recommendation on VF Corp., the purveyor of the North Face clothing. This was a quick trade, opened and closed within… Read More

Profit Catalyst Alert just passed its six month birthday. While I’m pleased at how most of the portfolio weathered the rocky start to the year and am more confident than ever in the names I’ve picked, I’m eager to share with you more picks and more ways to make money… Read More

We humans love rankings. In a world of chaos, we like the fictional supposition that life and all of its messy data can be corralled into neat silos. We love our top 10 song lists and rankings of the best colleges.Earnings season provides the perfect data set to create meaningful… Read More

Is Amazon taking over the world? Like a giant squid, Amazon’s tentacles are spreading out in all directions. Not only does it want to deliver every conceivable item directly to your door, it wants to carry that package across the land, sea and air all by itself.And when a $336… Read More

SolarEdge is down about 14% since I recommended it in January, but it remains my favorite stock. The reason is simple energy economics: Solar technology finally works well at a relatively low price (the price of solar systems is down 80% since 1995), and the cost will continue to drop. Read More

What a wild ride it’s been. I feel like we all climbed aboard a powerboat on Jan. 3 (a Brunswick powerboat) and have been battling eight-foot swells, hurricane-level winds and blistering rains since. The Russell 2000 is down 5.5% for the year but was down 17% at its Feb.11 low. Read More