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Rule, Brittania! The UK’s refusal to adopt the euro has proven wise. Meanwhile, Greece and Italy lurch toward adopting measures that will calm markets and begin the gradual process of sovereign-debt reduction. Read More

The European sovereign-debt crisis is far from over, but the Continent is lurching toward a solution. Meanwhile, don’t buy into the negativity over today’s US jobs data, the underlying statistics paint a brighter picture. Read More

Although large investment banks have profited enormously from commodities trading over the years, community banks in areas with strong ties to the oil and gas industries usually benefit from robust local economies. Read More

“Since the April Monetary Policy Report (MPR), economic developments have been broadly in line with expectations. However, the balance of risks to the Bank's April projection for inflation in Canada has shifted slightly to the upside.” With that statement, the Bank of Canada (BoC) left its key rate unchanged at 3 percent, flummoxing economists who forecast a 25-basis-point cut. Read More

There have been a handful of truly encouraging stories regarding nanotech that have hit popular as well as trade media in the past week or so. Read More