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Like most people, I listen to music while on the treadmill at the gym. What I don’t enjoy is untangling the knot of headphone cords that somehow forms during the five minute walk from my house to the YMCA.It’s not a major aggravation, but I have considered wireless headphones to… Read More

Two important stories you may have missed: New Pipeline Giant Prepares For Energy Rebound When a sector goes through a brutal correction, weaker companies go broke or get acquired, leaving the strongest ones in great shape for the next growth cycle. An even more compelling story is when strong ones merger—– and that’s… Read More

Less than three months ago global markets teetered on the news that the U.K. had voted to exit the European Union. Talking heads fretted that the already struggling European economy would grind to a halt.But on Monday a survey showed a powerful rebound in the U.K. service sector, surprising investors… Read More

Tech companies say activists are modern day pirates but at least they don’t bury their treasure. Back in the mercantilist days of the 18th century, when most goods were transported by ship over the high seas, pirates were the bane of a merchant’s existence. Marauders would appear out of nowhere… Read More

For a company built around the idea of democratizing the cost of travel, The Priceline Group (PCLN) doesn’t like democracy too much when it comes to shareholders. And it also doesn’t want to pay dividends. Not only does it sport the second highest share price of all companies in the… Read More

At some point not enough bogeymen exist to justify keeping the U.S. economy from operating under normal conditions.But on the heels of July’s surprisingly strong employment report, Fed chair Janet Yellen may feel compelled to raise interest rates next month if the rest of the economy remains on track. Inflation is also… Read More

We have to be careful when drawing conclusions about a president’s affect on stock market and the economy. For example, traditionally the pro-business Republican Party is regarded as good for the stock market, while the more regulatory-minded Democratic Party is viewed as an impediment to economic growth. However, no evidence supports those… Read More