Igor Greenwald

Igor Greenwald is chief investment strategist of Breakthrough Technology Profits and Income Millionaire.

Igor served as a financial columnist and has also worked as a newspaper editor, foreign correspondent and online producer. He was born in Ukraine, educated at Georgetown University and lives in Massachusetts.

Analyst Articles

There are cheaper oilfield services stocks out there but few better ones than Core Laboratories (NYSE: CLB), as evidenced by the 48-fold increase in the share price since the 1995 initial public offering. The Houston-based, Dutch-domiciled reservoir assessment and management specialist hit more pay dirt with last week’s beat-and-raise… Read More

A month ago I shared my rationale for significantly higher natural gas prices in the near future. In brief, prices remain significantly below their historical averages while demand is running a bit higher than expected. And while the price of natural gas has more than doubled off last year’s… Read More

The battle lines between the oil bulls and oil bears have been drawn – and they run pretty much straight across the recent $100 a barrel for Brent. Rallying to the bullish banner in recent days have been executives of two energy giants. First, Paal Kibsgaard, CEO of oil-services… Read More

In this issue:  The global hunt for real yield rolls on unchecked, and as ever with promises of high and secure returns, mind your wallet. But while a double-digit yield implies serious risk of a double-digit loss in this low-yield environment, there are super-secure oil majors out there offering… Read More