Breakthrough Tech Weekly

Its been a tough couple of weeks for the tech sector overall, but not for one of our recent recommendations that illustrates the importance of understanding exactly what is happening with tech stocks, and where. Read More

A lot of games being played in the stock market right now. While some companies are engaging in a high stakes version of "follow the leader", we think a more apt analogy is "musical chairs" and investors can profit from it if they know which companies are closest to the seats now that the sweet music of Quantitative Easing has stopped playing. Read More

Looks like the first quarter of 2014 is going to end right about where it started for the market as a whole, but if you look beneath the surface there are bargains - and booby traps - to be had. Read More

This time of the year is known for gusty winds signaling the arrival of spring, and right on cue the tech sector gets battered by a couple of late March zephyrs last week blowing out of the west – from Silicon Valley, to be precise. Read More

While Russia tries to bluff its way out of a bad hand, the rest of the world is watching which way the chips fall in China. Sooner or later everyone has to show their cards, and already we are beginning to see who is going to cash in and who will be pushed out of the game. Read More

Russia is back in the news this week, but for all the wrong reasons.  The rest of the world should not catch a cold when Russia sneezes, so this week's market weakness may provide an opportunity to pick up some of our current portfolio recommendations at good prices. Read More

Last week's big sell-off in 3D Printing Systems came as no surpise to us, especially since we recommended it as one of our two featured short sell recommendations just last month.  What does surprise us is the extent to which most investors still don't recognize how much things have changed for the tech sector now that Fed tapering is officially underway, and where the future growth opportunites will be. Read More

Last week the tech sector saw two of its biggest names report disapointing financial results, casting a long shadow over the entire market.  And yesterday's sighting of Punxsutawney Phil's shadow foretold six more weeks of winter, about the same time earnings season will be over and our portfolio recommendations should be bathed in the light of greater clarity. Read More