Breakthrough Tech Weekly

The next four days could very well set the tone of the stock market for the next several weeks, as some of the largest tech companies in the world will be releasing quarterly earnings results in the days to come. And since these same stocks are also some of the… Read More

Although it’s been more than forty years since Watergate informant “Deep Throat” advised Washington Post reporters Woodward and Bernstein to “follow the money”, that advice is just as valuable now as it was then – especially when it comes to tech stocks. Read More

From the looks of today’s stock market action, I’d guess that a lot of traders are still working off that New Year’s Eve hangover from last week. Yes, I was expecting a sell-off in January (six weeks ago I said as much in this column: “Black Friday in Reverse”)… Read More

With only two trading days left in 2014, it appears the U.S. stock market will post double-digit gains for a third consecutive year. This feat is particularly impressive considering we were at a net loss for the year as recently as April, and at only a 2% gain during the… Read More

A lot of good news for the overall stock market last week, resulting in an explosive move to the upside for all of the major indexes after Fed Chairperson Janet Yellen’s remarks on Wednesday.  After getting off to a rough start on Monday, the net result for the week was… Read More

Just when you thought the news couldn’t get much better for our stock market, along comes a powerful jobs report last week that seems to indicate that some of the corporate wealth accumulating over the past five years is now translating into more jobs for Americans.To be precise that is… Read More

Most products go on sale during the "Black Friday" holiday shopping frenzy, but only in the stock market are shoppers looking to buy whatever is most expensive. Read More

As our much anticipated “two-tier” stock market begins to take shape, we are excited to see so many of our portfolio stocks already benefiting from the increased interest in companies with sustainable profit models.Case in point is the company we named as “The One Tech Stock to Own in 2014”… Read More