Breakthrough Tech Weekly

Last week Argos Therapeutics (ARGS) announced its COO was abruptly resigning and the company known for treating aggressive forms of cancer with immunotherapy would lay off 18 lab workers. The share price immediately plunged as a result, falling from more than $12 to below $8 in a matter of days.As… Read More

Its no secret that embattled Yahoo (YHOO) CEO Marissa Mayer is under the gun to prove to shareholders that she should remain in her leadership position with the company. However, in this case its not only the CEO that is under the microscope, but the company’s entire board of directors… Read More

Special Situations Portfolio Update – Argos TherapeuticsFor those of you participating in our current cancer treatment play (“One Little Shot to Kill Cancer Dead“), tomorrow is an important day. One of the three stocks we recommend in that bundle – Argos Therapeutics (ARGS) – is releasing its fourth quarter… Read More

Long time subscribers to Smart Tech Investor may recall our story from last June on exoskeleton technology (“From Comic Books to Reality: Exoskeletons Are Here to Stay“), which recommended three companies that are currently held in our Special Situations Portfolio: Ekso Bionics (EKSO), ReWalk Robotics (RWLK) and Parker Hannifin (PH). Read More

All three of our Special Situations Portfolio "cancer stocks" - companies that are on the cutting edge of developing revolutionary treatment for some of the worst forms of cancer, were in the news recently. And almost all of the news was good, with all three stocks moving up smartly as a result. Read More

Due to last Monday’s Presidents Day holiday the stock market was open for only four days last week instead of the usual five, but that’s all the time it needed to gain nearly 3% – one of its strongest showings in 2016. In fact, after hitting its closing low of… Read More

It had to happen sooner or later; after soundly beating the overall market in 2015, the tech sector is now taking its turn under the harsh glare of market scrutiny. As a result, the tech-heavy NASDAQ Composite Index declined 5.5% the first week of February, coming on the heels of… Read More