Breakthrough Tech Weekly

While everyone else was donning masks to celebrate Halloween last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook proved that no disguise is the best costume of all. Read More

Depending on which companies you look at, an argument can be made that it was tech stocks that led the market lower earlier this month (i.e., Netflix, IBM), and it was tech stocks that led the market back up during the past week (e.g., Apple, Microsoft). The chart below illustrates… Read More

Seems like only last month that the NASDAQ Composite Index was inching towards 4,600 with expectations of it cruising through the 5,000 level. Oops, it was only last month that happened (September 2nd, to be precise).However, much of that optimism has been laid asunder over the past couple of weeks,… Read More

Last Friday’s Initial Public Offering (“IPO”) of stock in Chinese internet conglomerate Alibaba (NYSE: BABA) took the market by storm, jumping more than a third in value from its offering price of $68 a share when it finally started trading. This transaction raised almost $22 billion for the consortium of… Read More

As Apple goes so goes the S&P500 Index and everything else that is based upon its value – which is probably a lot more than most people realize. Read More

Cisco Systems remains profitable, but is reducing headcount by 6,000 employees in order to do it. Can it make it to the other side of the bridge (its logo) before time runs out? Read More