Breakthrough Tech Weekly

The Nasdaq Biotech Index (NBI) gave back nearly half of the year’s gains from April 23rd to April 30th. Thus, a bounce is clearly in the offing and is one to watch carefully.  By the same token if Friday’s (May 1) bounce fizzles in the not too distant future, we… Read More

Just when people were starting to wonder if tech stocks could go much higher, they proved that they could – and with a vengeance. Last week was every tech stock investor’s dream, with a wide variety of companies benefiting from euphoria over better than expected earnings reports from (up… Read More

Last week’s price action suggests that most of the activity in the tech sector is currently focused on mid-cap stocks, as our Next Wave portfolio gained more than twice what the NASDAQ Composite index was able to deliver. And while our Investments Portfolio of large-cap stocks did okay – up… Read More

Another wishy-washy week for tech stocks, as last week’s jobs number called into question one of the few underpinnings of the bull market case for continuing to acquire stocks aggressively. Only 126,000 non-farm payroll jobs were added to the U.S. economy in March, about 50% less than what was added… Read More

Tech stocks have taken a beating lately, presumably on concerns that their high exposure to foreign currencies will act as a drag on earnings for the remainder of this year, and possibly into 2016. There is no denying that the tech sector has a large exposure to currency valuations –… Read More

As was widely rumored last May when Apple announced its 7 for 1 stock split, the company will be joining the Dow Jones Industrial Average next week by replacing AT&T in the vaunted stock market index. However, Apple joins fellow telecomm giant Verizon in the DJIA, retaining the tech sector’s… Read More

A little before 1 p.m. EST on Monday the Nasdaq Composite rose above the 5,000 level for the first time in fifteen years, signifying the tech sector’s complete recovery from the so-called “dot.bomb” collapse that sent the index reeling below 1,200 less than three years after reaching its all-time high in… Read More

Since the name of this publication is Smart Tech 50 Weekly Movers, it occurred to us that it might make sense if we provided a table showing the weekly price movement in each of our portfolio holdings. So, this feature will be included in each edition of this publication going… Read More

I spent the past five days in Orlando attending the World MoneyShow, during which time I had an opportunity to make a presentation on our concept of “innogration” and how that shapes our view of technology stocks. Generally speaking the audience for this event is primarily retirees, many of whom… Read More