Breakthrough Tech Weekly

While some tech companies, like Hewlett Packard, are splitting up to move forward, others are consolidating via acquisitions that accelerate the implementation of their strategic plans. In this week’s issue we’ll look at two such deals that affect our portfolios, one of which we discussed briefly last week (EMC) and… Read More

Fully half of the ten companies that comprise our Investments Portfolio reported quarterly earnings last week, producing a mixed bag of results that in turn has changed our current recommendations on some of them so please note the change in status as indicated below.Verizon Communications (VZ) was the first to… Read More

The first week of October witnessed a strong rally in the stock market, offsetting some of the damage done by August’s sudden correction. Of course, the overall market is still more than 7% below where it was two months ago, but it appears to have found a bottom and may be… Read More

Last Thursday’s visit by the Pope to the home of Wall Street was not enough to keep the stock market out of negative territory, though he can hardly be blamed for the multitude of sins afflicting the global financial market. As if Europe’s faltering economy wasn’t already fragile enough, news that German… Read More

Worried that the Fed may go ahead an raise interest rates later this week, even in the face of deteriorating economic news out of China and tepid results from the ECB’s version of central bank intervention? If so, then you may want to focus on stocks that should be mostly… Read More

It is often said that the stock market “climbs a wall of worry”, meaning that a little bad news is necessary to keep investors from becoming overly optimistic and bidding the market up to unsustainable heights. But there also needs to be enough good news to convince investors that everything will… Read More

Quite frankly, we are not disappointed to see last week’s stock market plunge once again call into question the advisability of owning so-called “momentum stocks.” The tech sector stopped being dependent on momentum a long time ago, but it seems only now are some investors getting that memo based on… Read More

Okay, it looks like the long awaited correction is finally here. Like waiting for the first snow storm of the winter, usually the reality of its destruction is far greater than the excitement of its arrival. Regardless, the fact of the matter is it’s here, and now we all have… Read More