Linda McDonough

Linda McDonough is a veteran hedge fund analyst who loves to break down company financial statements and identify market inefficiencies to uncover big opportunities.  She believes in a boots-on-the-ground approach that includes surveying customers, interviewing company executives, or doing whatever it takes to see what others don't.

She's now brought her experience as a hedge fund analyst to subscribers of her Profit Catalyst Alert service. Her system identifies small- and mid-cap stocks that are about to move due to catalytic events that few others can identify...until it's too late. These events often times result in massive gains for her followers.

Analyst Articles

Air Transport Service Group (NSDQ: ATSG) is getting ready to take flight. The operator and lessor of cargo planes just signed a contract with Amazon to shuttle a portion of its packages across the U.S. In a move to cement Air Transport’s position as its preferred air partner, Amazon has… Read More

I am adjusting the Profit Catalyst Alert data table to replace the buy limit prices with  target prices. I do not expect any other major changes in the table. This isn’t a change in my investment philosophy or how I value stocks. It is simply a change  to help… Read More

I’m a big believer that smaller can be better. My Subaru Outback lets me park in the teensiest spaces on Boston’s narrow streets. My small dog fits into a crate in the corner of the house, and a small suitcase lets me avoid the hassles of checking luggage.And small cap… Read More

In my unrelenting search for Profit Catalyst Alert candidates I look at a slew of stocks. In the course of just one week I typically review over one hundred names. I take extensive notes on each one and keep long lists of those that didn’t make the cut, detailing… Read More

When is one-tenth of a percent worth more than one hundred million dollars? The answer: when Shake Shack disappointed a highly fickle investor base with a lower than expected sales number.The beloved purveyor of high end burgers and shakes saw its market value seared by almost $140 million when it… Read More

Vera Bradley (NSDQ: VRA) took the critical fourth quarter home in the bag. The purveyor of cotton quilted bags and accessories soothed nervous investors with earnings of 41 cents per share, in line with analyst estimates, and guidance for a better-than-hoped-for fiscal 2017 (ends January 2017). Management now forecasts 90… Read More

What a wild ride it’s been. I feel like we all climbed aboard a powerboat on Jan. 3 (a Brunswick powerboat) and have been battling eight-foot swells, hurricane-level winds and blistering rains since. The Russell 2000 is down 5.5% for the year but was down 17% at its Feb.11 low. Read More

I have a new Jack Russell puppy. Thank you for the condolences.  He’s quite cute but likes to chew, especially stuffed dog toys. He attacks them with gusto and the sole mission of finding and removing the squeaker. A brief moment of play is followed by systematic, singularly-focused exploratory surgery… Read More