Linda McDonough

Linda McDonough is a veteran hedge fund analyst who loves to break down company financial statements and identify market inefficiencies to uncover big opportunities.  She believes in a boots-on-the-ground approach that includes surveying customers, interviewing company executives, or doing whatever it takes to see what others don't.

She's now brought her experience as a hedge fund analyst to subscribers of her Profit Catalyst Alert service. Her system identifies small- and mid-cap stocks that are about to move due to catalytic events that few others can identify...until it's too late. These events often times result in massive gains for her followers.

Analyst Articles

Cautious noises from fellow consumer product and recreation companies Harley-Davidson and Polaris, in combination with a soupy market, sent the stock down 10%. Yet the rationale for our recommendation is that Brunswick’s increasing investments in fitness products will continue to insulate profits from the cyclical waves of consumer sentiment.Brunswick (NYSE:… Read More

SolarEdge is now a table-pounding buy. The company’s stock is down 14% unfairly over the past week due to problems at SolarCity, one of its customers. But SolarEdge’s drop is due to guilt-by-association, especially because all of SolarEdge’s growth is coming from customers other than SolarCity.Here’s what’s happening:SolarCity, which installs, finances and maintains solar… Read More

It’s hard to believe from the dark clouds hovering over SolarEdge Technology’s stock price, but the company’s future has never looked brighter.The company (NSDQ: SEDG) reported earnings of 44c on Feb. 3, 22% better than estimates. Guidance was above estimates for the March quarter. Estimates have been increased to $1.68… Read More

Brunswick Corp. (NYSE: BC) is flexing its muscles.  The company’s Jan. 21 purchase of Cybex International accelerates its plan to protect earnings from cyclical swings and absorb a steady revenue grower. Cybex makes and sells fitness equipment to health clubs, hotels and colleges.Brunswick, known mainly for its Boston Whaler fishing boats, had… Read More

Who would have thought an Egg McMuffin at 3 p.m. could save the day?  McDonald’s shareholders sure are happy that the founder of fast food opted to offer all-day breakfast. The extension of the breakfast menu gave McDonald’s a boost to sales and help the company beat earnings by 8… Read More